Digital Plans Sets sent to you on CD Rom Disc

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The Complete Set of All 9 plans (Best Value)

The Complete Set of 40 size plans

The Complete Set of 60 size plans

The Cardinal Evolution only

40 Size Plans Set of:

  • 40 Size Cardinal Evolution

  • 40 Size Typhoon

  • 40 Size Tsunami

  • 40 Size Strega

60 Size Planes Set of:

  • Miss Ashley II

  • Typhoon 60

  • Strega 60 and PDF Article Reprint

  • Cardinal (3 sheets)

  • The 90 Spitfire (4 sheet roughs - not finished drawings)

We have kept getting requests for Windy's plans over the years and it struck us offering them on disc might be something folks could use and would be a lot cheaper. Over the years we drew up plans for Windy Urtnowski's competition fleet, and as well as the full size 60-76 sized planes we developed "40 Sized" versions of his designs. Among all this stuff I found a few out of print versions of his plans and unpublished ones.

If you shop around your printing can be kept to a reasonable price and you can print up the plans you need to build only when you need them. Or if you just want inspiration, print out a few letter paper sized versions at home and hang them in the shop. All Drawings are supplied as PDF's, if you require another format such as Tiff, let us know when you place your order. None of the plans are in Vector CAD formats as the originals were all old school mylar and printed paper.


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