Control Line Stunt

I have loved model aviation since I was 7—that's a career of 48 years so far, and I hope I'll be active for many more years to come.  My primary modeling interest has long been controline stunt (F2B), but I have tinkered in RC and FF, once owned and piloted a full-size 1947 Ercoupe, and even have a small model railroad in my home. My overall objective is to spread the knowledge and enjoyment of all aspects of modeling—I've been passing on what's been taught to me by others through many media: Flying Models magazine columns, PAMPA's Stunt News, and the endless phone calls that come my way.

In 1987, I pioneered the use of video to pass along the tips that I have learned —I built a Green Box Nobler and video-taped the entire project. 
That launched what has become my life's work of video presentations. We've created over 700 master tapes and sold over 22,000 copies of them in 12 years since, and there are probably that many bootleg copies out there, too. 
Each year I document the designing and building of my new precision stunt ship on "subscriber videos" that go out worldwide. I've documented every Nats, Team Trials, Brodak’s Fly-In, and regional contest that I've been to these last 12 years, so if you have missed any of these meets and would like a chance to "attend," we have videotapes of them in our library. In the past three years, my primary focus has been on molding parts from carbon fiber. I've developed carbon fiber landing gear, bellcranks, spinner backplates, and custom-made tuned pipes in many configurations for various applications, primarily controline stunt. We will be molding a full carbon fiber controline stunt fuselage this year, as part of our subscriber video series. We also work on many projects with John Brodak, George Aldrich, and other suppliers of modeling equipment.

At this site, I plan to feature unique technical pieces, reprints of the classic Flying Models articles that I wrote in the 80s, and tips that I uncover working with new products such as the Aeropoxy Light fillet material I discovered in the last year. If you have any tips you'd like me to include, please feel free to send them in. When you send photos, I use them on my subscriber videos and then send them along to Stunt News, so please enclose a caption. Sharing information is our objective, and I hope sincerely that you'll learn from the site ...and that I'll learn from you, too.

Thanks for stopping by—hope you'll come back often.

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