B25 Update

Happy 2002 to everyone! I'm back working on B25, Tapes 1-14 are now available. All the blocks are carved and hollowed. Wood chips are Everywhere! The tail goup in silver, good progress so far. Newest Ztron is in house and works like a champ so far. Thanks to everyone whose contributed to the project, its been a blast so far.
We have now completed the Nacelles, they look REALLY SCALE. The Radial cowl mold is complete and it is beautiful! Thanks to everyone for feedback and help. The New Silver Brodak color "B25 silver" is the BRIGHTEST color of all time and should look good on a variety of ships as trim or base. Stabiliser build, fuse build, Block carving, wing coring and sheeting, the revolutionary new sunburst method of wing strengthening, sanding dope for a super light finish and a host of other details.
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