Windy has retired from stunt and this site will be changing its purpose to host past articles and plans for free download as well as links to free online stunt videos.

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“Flights and trim flights of the 90 SPITFIRE” set of two DVDs.

Also now available, “Cockpit Detailing DVD” set of two DVDs showing every tip and trick used on the new 90 SPITFIRE.

Windy and the new Spit


Close up of Windy's new Spit


Manufactured in specially made Aluminum CNC Molds produced to exacting standards using high temp resin and fine Glass or Carbon cloth. These expert only wings are pre-finished out of the mold just requiring wing tips of your choice and final paint coats.


Brodak 2008 was 7 days of perfect weather

Good friends, barbecuing, flying dawn to dusk, lots of new twins, jet flights on Danny Banjocks MIG, B 17 formation flying, scale judged by the FAI scale team, two new P 38 stunters with Saito 40s for power, Beechcraft Bipe with retracts, twin Cardinals, and an electric Rabe Bearcat breaking new ground in electric stunt as well as seeing Mike Palkos latest efforts, lots of new scale ships, great combat matches, racing, and too many demos to list.

Dan Banjocks new vista with Saito power stunned the crowd with its unique looks and cockpit detail, the yolk is a switch for the ztron on off.

Fierce competition, Nats judges, FAI Judges, and modelers making new friendships and renewing old ones. lots of pranks as always and we got them all on the videos. new products like the Rojett 90 on display, tripod official flights, and unique events like junkyard wars.

This years Texas trip was the best yet with some real surprises! ......
Al Rabe brought the Critical Mass and we captured many flights on video. This is one special ship; we got detail shots of every part, flights, cowl off shots, even 150 photos from a photo shot by the pool.

Bill Rutherford buzzed us with his RV 6, some exciting footage as you can imagine. We got Bill's new RV 6 model on the tapes, it’s an exact copy of his full size homebuilt, very cool indeed.
Rich Oliver showed off his new 90 RoJett stunt motor, as of now still in the development stages but coming in the near future. His new ARF was absolutely unbelievable. I got a gallon of fuel thru it myself as did several others, its staggeringly good and only 89.95!!!!!!!!!!! All the details of this and several other ARF’s are on the set of tapes.

This was our third Texas trip, this year Bill Rutherford arranged for us to see a privately owned Spitfire and it was amazing, it’s the cleanest restoration I have ever seen almost totally remanufactured. This alone was worth the trip!

Steve Moon showed off his newest Saturn, great performer with an OS 52 4 stroke. Frank Williams showed us his Katana ARF, another eye opener for sure.

We shot action at the field and Dub Jet's shop and Rich Oliver showed us his method of tuning carbon props among other tech things but the best time was the party Rich and Edie Oliver put on at their house for the stunt pilots. We even painted Dale Gleason’s handle to match my Ferrari handle and showed how we setup our fuel pump system now in use on the Testarossa.

There are 5 tapes or DVDs to this set, available individually at 14.95 each or 74.75 for the whole set plus 4.95 s&h Specify DVD or VHS please, we ship out same day check arrives, full satisfaction guaranteed of course. If you enjoy these we have the 2005 and 2004 set in stock too, great entertainment in your shop while you’re building your next ship.

New Video, the First Flights of the Testarossa.

This Video or DVD also documents Joe Adamusko’s first flight on his new Seafire with Rojett power and a Brodak finish. This was shot over several days while we waited for good weather, we molded some cowls, did other projects, and finally got to fly both new ships. Joe’s new ship will be featured in a future Stunt News. It is extremely well finished and detailed, sure to be a front row at Brodaks and the Nationals.

After several years of gathering data on props, carbon and wood, we have finished our new very informative presentation which will help you upgrade your prop choices.
  • Engine Loading
  • Prop to Engine Matching
  • Pitching
  • Phillips entry
  • 2 blade vs 3 blade

3 complete DVD’s or VHS’s

1 - Prop Tuning
2 - Engine Tuning
3 - Flight Trimming to match your engine

Engine Loading technology for every motor class from Fox 35 to the new Rojett 76 is covered. This presentation dovetails with both the all new Engine Tuning DVD and the all new Flight Trim DVD., copyright © ESC LLC 1997-2013 all rights reserved