Miss Ashley II is designed as a test bed for many of the technologies developed by Windy over recent years. It is the first all-carbon fiber fuselage model of its type to use 100% carbon fiber and a post-cured resin system. This beautiful ship features full take-apart construction, including removable control surfaces, tail, and bottom shell—even the cockpit details are removable! The new forked-end bellcrank, Windy's custom designed and manufactured tuned pipe, and how to set up a Jett .60 are all covered in intimate detail, something not possible on condensed “edited” videos.

The Miss Ashley II set is the most detailed video set we’ve ever produced, with information and tips that can help every skill level of modeller in every event.

Tape Subject
Full   Tape Set The complete, full 34 tape set of the
Miss Ashley II project. New Carbon technology, the whole story. Unmissable
200 Introduction to the Miss Ashley II project, airfoil technology, objectives.  Cutting ribs, beginning wing.
201  Beginning construction in jig, establishing centerlines, boxing trailing edge. How to make sanding blocks. How to grade wood. How to use the “rod” method of wing construction.
202 Making "forked end bellcrank", sheeting the wing, installation of bellcrank, capstrips, using centerline jigs
203 “Bulletproof" gear block installation method developed by Windy.  Install wing-mounted gear, install bellcrank, finalize all sheeting, construct outer wingtip. Destruction test of the undercarriage on Tsunami.
204 Making horns, adjustable leadoouts, and flaps.  Dissertation on control systems.
205 Tissue wing, lots of tissue tips, making perfect hinge pockets, dissertation on sanding. Using hinge pocket tool developed by Windy.
206 Wet sanding tips, building substrate, tricks for sanding silver.  Finalizing the wing.
207 Finalize fuselage plans, rudder area, angled tank trick.  Weighing wood, making fuselage sides, making wheelpant molds.
208 Making plugs for molded balsa shells, including how to undersize plugs for balsa shell molds. Good info if you want molded balsa shells on your next ship.
209 Sequencing fuselage parts, producing fork end bellcranks, more molding tips, making mold for carbon fiber cowl.
210 Glassing nose section, fixing mold flaws, using P.V.A on molds, making plug for carbon fiber fuselage.
211 Making fuse mold and learning vacuum bagging technology. Fitting Carbon parts to Balsa version.
212 Molding shells, sanding Brodak primer, using Bondo, begin laying up molds.
213 Making fuselage removable section, spinner fits, carbon fiber fuselage, determining final side area, lots of rudder tips.

Making removable cockpit details for any ship—new idea developed by Windy, great for your next ship.

215 Developing all carbon fiber motor mount crutch, testing carbon fiber materials for fuselage, make crutch mold.
216 Making aft fuselage strakes, molding simulated P51 exhausts, using Aeropoxy Light around cockpit area.  Developing the final carbon fiber motor mount crutch.
217 Lots of development and fine tuning molds for all parts made up to this point, canopy mold, final ultra-light motor mount crutch.
218 Making bases for fillets and making parts for the take-apart construction features. Making canopy mold, carbon fiber doublers, and carbon fiber tank shims.
219 Making Aeropoxy Light fillets, making nose scoop, reinforcing take-apart features under construction.
220 Making valve cover blisters, molding tips, final work on carbon fiber bottom shells.
221 Silver talc basecoat method using Brodak dope, with lots of spraying tips. Install carbon fiber canopy and nose ring.
222 Fixing flaws in silver substrate, finalizing fits on removable parts.
223 Carbon fiber fuselage finished, testing Brodak candy apple dope, lots of finishing tips, cowl attachments.
224 Windy method of building an ultra-light tail, hollow tips, molded leading edge. Easiest way ever to make a tail.
225 Bring tail up to silver, layout paint trim, lots of ideas on laying out your next paint job. Begin painting trim.
226 Painting trim continued, backmasking, new candy apple colors, lots of actual spraying footage.
227 Painting graphics and Miss Ashley II lettering, testing new spray equipment from Bill Naemura
228 Lettering continued, Letrasets, ink lines, using white ink, clear coats, lots of spraying tips.
229 Sanding clear coats to ready for buffing, testing new sanding products. Dissertation on "selected clear coats" will save weight on your next finish.
230 Buffing, all the tips and tricks to make the job painless, many developed by Windy himself over the years. Hinging so that surfaces are removable.
231 Final assembly of all take-apart features, installing manifolds, making landing gear wires and doors, installing tank vents in fuselage.
232 Motor break-in, polishing spinners, tank setups, final assembly up to test runs of power train, fitting tuned pipes.   Bonus—this tape shows first flight of Dan Banjock’s awesome P51
233 Bench trimming, first flight. Flight trimming, making custom pipes.
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