Tape Subject
1 & 2 Latest fuselage crutch technology and all steps of building an accurate fuselage with molded balsa top and bottom shells.
3-6 Making a fiberglass cowl, including air outlets, hold downs and all fits. Making the rudder and fin.
7-9 Molding blocks and cowl, cockpit details, and fitting the pilot for Dave Midgley's Cardinal. Fuselage, wing covering, and paint repairs on Dave's Ares.
10-11 Seafire wing details, including bellcrank installation and wrapping of leadout wires. Sanding the wing.
12&13 A new hinge slot cutting tool, making the mold for the sliding canopy, making flaps, and more sanding the wing.
14&15 Lightening the wing structure, cannon installation, cap strips, and flap hinges, tissuing the wing and starting the dope substrate, using "sponge" brushes.
16 Spraying and sanding the silver basecoats.
17 Making control horns, building the stab and installing a hatch for the adjustable elevator control.
18 Layout and construction of the built-up vertical fin and rudder.
19 Molding canopies at Dave Midgley's location. Making the scale steerable tail wheel assembly.
20 Installing the wing, making and installing the arrowshaft pushrods. Complete assembly using the latest method.
21-24 Wing and tail fillets, all the details of making the simulated tailhook and sliding canopy, and installing instrument panel and switches. Fiberglassing the nose section.
25&26 Flap fillets, lots of I beam photos and tips. Tissue covering the fuselage. Fixing paint flaws. Beginning the '52 Nobler.
27 Lots of scale details including valve covers and gun blisters. More tips for repairing silver basecoat flaws.
28-30 Complete color paintwork. lots of tips, ideas and "hands-on" spray painting coverage
31 Every tip possible for super inkwork, including rivet lines and use of white ink. A "must see" before inking your next ship.
32 Applying Letrasets and nose art. Designing the Seafire's "mascot" insignia
33 Building a Cardinal wing (single rod method) in one session! Starting the Seafire's clear coats.
34&35 How to spray "Concours" clear coats and still keep a ship light. Lots of tips.
36 Complete guide to buffing clear coats, even over open bays, installing hinges.
37&38 Flight trimming Joe Adamusko's "Mr Awesome" and testing Double Star .60 in Tsunami. Good flying footage and motor setup tips. Proper tank venting and Seafire landing gear installation.
39 All new prop development video, covering wood and carbon fiber types. Tips for maximum performance and a section on proper painting of props.
40-44 Flying and flight trimming the Seafire.
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