Tape Subject
0 Introduction tape to this set includes a visit to Joe Adamusko's beautiful shop, where he describes framing the wing and molding leading edges on special jigs.
1 Installing controls and pushrod, and installing gear blocks in the wing using the "Windy method" for built-up wings.
2 Wing tip work, how to sand and radius open bays.
3 Horn mounts, pushrods, "How To Make Horns", aligning controls, making adjustable controls, and more work on wing tips.
4 Hinging, special tool to cut hinge pockets. Up to end of work on wing, ready to cover and finish.
5 Rabe rudder explanation, all about thinner, final sand-out, installing horns.
Dissertation on tissue and dope, plus repairing Jim Damerell’s NATS-winning Patternmaster.
7 & 8 From tissue to silver basecoat on wing and tail. Lots of finishing tips. Explanation of ‘substrate’.
9 - 11 Fuselage construction, making the crutch, carbon fiber reinforcements, making motor mount pads. Fixing flaws in finish.
12-16 The ‘molding’ set, detailing molding bottom, top, and turtledeck from balsa sheets, plus fiberglass cowl. This set has info you can use immediately, regardless of your skill level. One of our best tape sets ever!
17 Finishes fuselage, fitting the cowl, rudder, final detailing. Beginning assembly.
18 Final assembly, installing and aligning the tail, up to glassing the nose.
19&20 Final sand-out and detailing, installing molded shells, final fits, and how to fiberglass the nose.
21&22 Complete cockpit detailing and installation of canopy. How to do fillets.
23 - 27 The complete Spitfire paint job: back-masking, mixing your own pigments with Lite-Coat, and spraying. This is a complete "How To Finish" set.
28 - 30 Ink lines, Letrasets, rivets, Dzus fasteners, panel lines. Everything you ever wanted to know about creating these kinds of details.
31 - 35 Complete info on ‘final finishing’: clear coats, sanding, fixing flaws, "How to Buff-Out Properly."
36 - 45 Complete info on molding fiberglass parts (cowls, wheel pants, spinners, dummy exhaust stacks, etc.), making your own carbon fiber props, and upcoming projects. Includes flying and trimming of both Windy’s and Joe’s Spitfires and rebuilding of the Griffon.
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