Tape Subject
1 The tail assembly, wood selection, shaping, hinging, horn fitting, glassing center section tissue covering. Molding a Nobler cowl
2 Making prototype profile fuselage, with lots of tips to make it aerodynamic.
3 & 4 Building wing, using the pin-block method, sheeting, cap strips etc.
5 Making flaps, horns, control system. Getting wing sanded and ready for tissue.
6 & 7 Work on wing and miscellaneous details. Build up paint substrate, to silver.
8 & 9 Assembling wing in fuselage, many tips on sanding silver coats. Tips on cutting out ribs and painting.
10 Painting. Touch up, paint templates, lots of tips to improve your condition.
11-13 Details, Letrasets, trim, lettering and spraying clear, up to the buffing of paint.
14 Buffing tips, lots of time-saving technology to help you get into the front row.
15+ Future tapes include testing motors, flight trimming and lots of ideas to help you enjoy the hobby.
Set Full set of 15 tapes
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