Saito 30
The smallest displacement engine produced by Saito. This engine is the perfect solution for planes designed for a .25 to .35 two-stroke engine.

Saito 56
The perfect replacement for a 51 to 60 engine produced by Saito to their usual exacting standards.

Saito 72
The thumping torque and beautiful purr of the .72 an ideal replacement for your 60 with more than enough power to spare in a 60 size ship.

Saito 90
The largest displacement engine we stock as standard this superb Saito, powered Windy's excellent Typhoon, gobs of power for that big 60 ship.

OS 15 LA
The OS Max 15LA-S Control Line Engine with Muffler.

OS 25 LA
The OS Max 25LA-S Control Line Engine with Muffler.

OS 40 LA
The OS Max 40LA-S Control Line Engine with Muffler.


OS 46 LA
The OS Max 46LA-S Control Line Engine with Muffler.


Double Star 40
This 40 is based on the Fox .35, but with greater bore and stroke,  construction, and now comes with its own muffler, works best in 42 to 52 oz. models.

Double Star 50 Lt
The classic 50, based on the Tigre G-21 .46

Works well in 48 to 58 oz. models such as the larger Classic models It is delivered with DS lightweight tube-type muffler.

Double Star 60 Lt
This engine is the 60 LITE with a ringed piston and "bridged" sleeve ports to suit the ring. This version was suggested by Bob Baron, and he used the prototype at the '98 Nats.

Fox 35
This is a 50th Anniversary Edition Fox .35 Control Line Stunt Engine. Probably the most bought stunt engine of all time and justly famous. Pioneered by such greats as Bob Gieseke and George Aldrich.

.35 C/L Stunt Engine w/Muffler and Glow Plug


Brodak 40
Manufactured under license in Moldova for John Brodak personally, specially tested and stunt tuned by several leading U.S aerobatic flyers and engine designers - ideal for that classic ship.


Welcome to Windy's Engine Shop

All engines we supply are ready to stunt. The OS Max series can often be improved with minor tuning but the fourstrokes will give great performance without any changes once you have run them in. Choose from Saito, OS LA, Double Star, Fox and Brodak or perhaps you need a new pipe, tongue muffler or engine mounting plates - get them right here!

Engine Swap Clamp Mount System - Just $19.95
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Engine Accessories  
  Carbon Tuned Pipes
Custom and Standard
Carbon Pipes for .40 to .65 size engines. Handmade ultra light using heat treated resins capable of handling the heat our engines generate.


  Engine Mount Plates

Aerospace Quality Aluminum Engine mount plates. 6061T Aluminum Mount Pads, Ideal for any motor mounting application.


  Windys Tongue Mufflers

CNC Machined Tongue Mufflers (ideal for many motors) specifically also for ST.46, ST.60 and ST.51



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Supertigre 51
This is a G-51 CONTROLLINE Engine from SuperTigre.

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