Finishing supplies

Brodak Dope
The excellent and growing range of Brodak finishing products all available from Windy,
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600 finish paper single sheet $0.50
1200 finish sandpaper $0.50
Final Shine polishing compound (4oz) $4.95
Candy apple paint Brodak compatible (quart) $39.95
Candy apple paint Brodak compatible (4oz) $8.95
Striping Brush $2.95
Dope Brush $2.95
Fish Eye Killer $6.95
Flex All (for Dope and Acrylic Lacquer) $2.95
Raw White or raw Yellow Pigment (specify color) small jar $8.00
1/2 oz glass Cloth 2yds $11.95
Carbon fiber Tape $4.95
Letraset Sheets $9.95
Paint Gun 8oz, superb quality, All metal construction.

As used by Windy himself.

Gorham's $4.95
Masking Tape $3.98
3M C-77 Aerosol Contact Cement $12.95
Aeropoxy Light 6oz
Video using Aeropoxy Light                $14.95,  prostunt products, copyright ęclever ltd 1997-2006 all rights reserved