Cardinal Profile ARF and ARC
Shown is  the  prototype modified for kit production with contest proven aerodynamics.

Strega 60 ARF and ARC
One of the latest kits off the Brodak Production line. The superb Brodak
Strega 60 Pioneered by Windy over 7 years and always a top 5 U.S Nat's placer

ARF Due September

Bob Palmer's Famous Thunderbird. Ideal for the fox 35 or  the new Brodak 40.





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Although we could stock a greater variety of ARF's, all the ones here are prime quality stunt ARFs -

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Oriental ARF ARC
The Oriental, designed by Dee Rice, A classic and simple to build stunter. Flies to competitive level.


TF Nobler
The Famous Nobler
Shown is a translated replica version of the Greenbox version.

Pathfinder ARF
Gorden Delaney's Pathfinder
Wing Span: 55 in
Plane Length: 43 in
Wing Area: 620 sq in
Engine: .40 to .46


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